WILD poetic fur rebellion
WILD poetic fur rebellion - Andrea Wild Fur & Leather Fashion Designer Berlin - Modedesignerin & Modedesign - Fell & Leder

"Fashion, for me, has the purpose of authentically connecting the
most intimate area of a person - their body - with the public space."

andrea wild

wild poetic fur rebellion

The woman behind WILD is Andrea Wild – architect, stage designer and fashion designer. Andrea Wild is the creator of the eponymous fashion brand WILD, founded in 2013, with successful shows in the fashion capitals of the world: Paris, New York and Shanghai. The picture of WILD is a puzzle of pieces that have fallen into place in perfect arrangement: “Building a house and making clothes – there is no difference, I sense no contradiction. In both, harmonious proportions are expressed in relation to the human body.” Fashion is our second skin. Fur – a natural product, pure material! From the beginning, WILD concentrated on its essence to emphasize the virtues of this beautiful, artisanal material. “Lighter than air” fur and leather fashion – Made in Germany. A special, unlined design in the leather and fur, with visible seams. This ensures that extreme lightness is achieved, that one can wear 12 months a year. WILD newly interprets purism in a yet-unseen way, formulating an avant-garde definition of fur – the most traditional material. A rapidly-changing world has a growing need for warmth and comfort. Fur is not only luxury, but also a sensual wellbeing experience. Most WILD collection pieces are reversible and wearable in a multitude of ways, enabling one to create a plethora of new, individual looks and applications. The collection includes strikingly uncommon garments – “jamais vu” – made of lamb fur, swakara, seal, leather and silk. Supreme quality of skins, traditional craftsmanship and ethical origins are requirements –
WILD creations fulfil the highest expectations
of sensation and quality.

WILD poetic fur rebellion - high quality

wild philosophy

Exclusive handling of fur and leather from animals of wild origin. High ethical standards and pure luxury fur. Sustainability through complete use of the animal.

wild quality

Excellent traditional craftsmanship - made in Germany.

wild collaboration

In October 2015, WILD began a collaboration with Kopenhagen Fur. Andrea Wild has attracted the attention of Kopenhagen Fur with her avantgarde design, new interpretation of fur and experimental techniques.In the new collection WILD brings the fur types Swakara and Seal together. It is all about the fusion of strong and soft materials - “lighter than air” luxury fur and leather fashion. Conscious treatment in respect to the animals is a matter of utmost principle to WILD. The responsible usage of natural, sustainable resources is vital for the future.

WILD poetic fur rebellion - Traditional craftsmanship

Kopenhagen Fur

Kopenhagen Fur is the world's largest fur auction house and the leading provider of luxury fur. The company is owned by the Danish mink farmers and is one of the world's best functioning cooperatives, which has ensured that the quality of Kopenhagen Fur's skins remain amongst the finest in the world.

Kopenhagen Fur has some of the highest standards in the fur industry with a unique sorting and grading system that ensures the best fur quality.

"Simply the world's finest fur."

Gesine Gold . Branding

Gesine Gold Branding GmbH works with a distinct brand model "Excellence in Branding" and through this creates brand personalities that have a luminous charisma on the market. They are authentic, credible and relevant. She develops visionary, excellent and radical ideas for her customers based on emotional intelligence and analytical thought. She develops strong and distinct brands. A decisive strategic key to establishment on the market is her "THE LUXURY STRATEGY".

"We live for excellence in our goals and to turn our customers into bright stars in the market."

WILD poetic fur rebellion - Gesine Gold collaboration

Peter Hönnemann

Peter Hönnemann, born in Hamburg, is one of Germany's most renowned photographers. He started out his career at the end of the eighties in Paris, where he became a shooting star in Fashion at a very young age – he shot, for instance, campaigns for Dior and Valentino. He lives in Hamburg and Paris. His photos have been published in magazines such as Vanity Fair, Italian VOGUE, L'officiel, GQ, VOGUE and Zeit Magazine, etc. Peter's current advertising clients include Deutsche Bank, Cortal Consors, Air France, American Express, Vichy, and SONY. His work combines fashion, art and portrait. He has shot celebrities such as Willem Dafoe, Carla Bruni, Christoph Waltz, Michael Gorbatschov as well as Bill Gates
and the Dalai Lama.

WILD poetic fur rebellion - Peter Hönnemann collaboration

Eveline Hall

Eveline Hall grew up in Hamburg. Her mother was a dancer, her father actor Kurt Klopsch. At the age 8 she had already earned money as a ballerina. She later danced as a soloist at the Hamburger Staatsoper, her mentors were Ballet Director Peter van Dyk and Artistic Director Rolf Liebermann. She later worked as a showgirl in Las Vegas as well as an actress on various stages – in Basel, Hamburg, Munich. Through this work she began working in film and television series. In January 2011, Fashion Designer Michael Michalsky sent her at the age of 63 onto the runway. At 72 years old, she is one of the oldest and most internationally sought-after models.

WILD poetic fur rebellion - Eveline Hall collaboration